Distance Healing



Distance Healing From Wherever In The World You Are!

Everything is energy and interconnected; through her training Patricia is able to deliver the same healing services by distance as she does from her in person sessions.

Through the art form of energy healing I am given accurate feedback of your energy systems in your body. We can then work through and balance your system.

Do You Wish To:

  • Clear Past Trauma?
  • Improve Relationships?
  • Improve Your Health and Remove Discomfort Or Illness Within The Body?

Perceiving the body as a multi-dimensional creation we are informed that we have an energic “blue print” that directs the manifestations of the body in its incredible workings. I will tune in to your body and what it needs using a mixture of healing modalities that I have developed over 20+ years to help you move from where you are now – to where you want to be!

Everything that I do in person can be accomplished via distance!


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