Life Energy Balance Program

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“We are in a ocean of life energy”
Master Choa Kok Sui

Become a practitioner or simply learn for your own healing to balance yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Help to increase your focus on goals and desires. Learn how diseases and illnesses can be healed by addressing the underlying imbalance of the body, mind and soul.

Be in a place of fulfilment. Eliminate the stress and strain of modern life. Feel the inner joy and peace. Reconnect to your higher self. Discover your life purpose.

“Everything in life is vibration”
Albert Einstein

Bring on your power learning the tools to heal yourself and others physically, mentally and spiritually. 

MODULE 1 – $110

  • Come into full consciousness with meditation
  • Learn how to pray and meditate
  • Let go of the past, be in the now
  • Learn to Douse with a Pendulum
  • Crystal healing/receive crystal needed
  • Chakra balancing
  • Tibetan Yoga
  • Learn to connect all parts of your being to heal
Module 2 – $110

  • Learn how to do spiritual healing
  • Learn to balance & open energies through the body
  • Learn about Reiki, Pranic and Chakra Centres
  • Learn to scan and feel the energies to heal in the body
  • Learn Qigong to re-energise self
  • Learn to connect to the Chinese five elements, Wuxing

Module 3 – $110

  • Learn Kinesiology and how to muscle test
  • Learn to heal Meridians and Acupressure Points
  • Learn to heal the Lymphatics and Nuerovascular points
  • Musculoskeletal Kinesiology


Module 4 – $110

  • Learn Neurological Kinesiology, balancing the mind, body and spirit
  • Learn 3 in 1 Brain Concept
  • Learn about emotions and how to balance
Module 5 – $110

  • Learn how to do Reflexology
  • Learn all the reflex points of the feet correlating to our body
  • Learn the powerful healing power through our feet.


You will receive a Certificate of Completion and welcome to work along side
me as I am needing the practitioners.

All Modules are held at 4/ 120 Victoria Street, Bunbury.
Days: Saturdays
Time: 9am – 5pm

Payments of each module to be paid prior to learning.

All catering provided with dietary needs met.

Included morning and afternoon tea with a luncheon.

Please contact Patricia Chambers on 0407236760 for enquiries or email

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