What is Distance Healing?

How does one explain the feeling of love though you can’t see it? Through hard times and even good times, you can feel someone’s love for you even if they aren’t physically present.  What helps you go through life and overcome adversity is this knowledge, this love, this energy.

A lot of our technology actually uses this to transfer of energy over long distance.  A good example to use would be phone calls from different parts of the world or the use of satellites as a means to transmit information. These energy transfers travels all over the world within seconds. Distance or remote healings work in a similar manner using intention and positive, communicable energy.

Distant healing is the transfer of energy from the healer to the recipient. While we do use different frequencies and vibrations, the theory is the same.  

Have confidence in knowing  distant healing is an effective solution to your issues. The call you are sending out to the world for help will connect you with the exact person you need to reach. 

In this scenario, a healer with the purest of focus on the recipient will ensure the connection is pure. We will ask for the perfect healing of  the entire body and mind, keeping ego out of the equation and ensuring you receive the best healing for every part of your being.

Distance healing is as effective from different parts of the world as if we were face to face. Effectiveness on physical and emotional levels depends on your sensitivity to energy shifts and changes.

You might feel a slight heat, tingling or pressure, right through to a feeling of floating and a shift in their internal organs, evidence that healing is taking place. 

What Distance Healing Will Do For You


Our healings are dedicated to any issue, be it emotional, physical or mental distress. .

My healing removes this negative energy and replaces it with perfectly functional energy. Working with your energy frequencies, we dispel bad energy that have been negatively impacted by our thoughts, environment, state of mind, injury or events, making you better. 

Healing is always a matter of free will and I cannot fully heal clients that have an emotional tie to their issues. If I feel there is some barrier to healing then it may just be an event that will need time to release grief. If this is the case, this will be relayed to you so you can make a better judgement. 

How Does It Work?


Through the art form of energy healing I am given accurate feedback of your energy systems in your body. We can then work through and balance your system.

Do You Wish To:

  • Clear Past Trauma?
  • Improve Relationships?
  • Improve Your Health and Remove Discomfort Or Illness Within The Body?

Perceiving the body as a multi-dimensional creation we are informed that we have an energic “blue print” that directs the manifestations of the body in its incredible workings. I will tune in to your body and what it needs using a mixture of healing modalities that I have developed over 20+ years to help you move from where you are now – to where you want to be!

Needing to add that they receive a bundle of tools to help their ongoing journey.

A meditation will be sent along with other tools and much support.

Everything that I do in person can be accomplished via distance!

Whole Green Pepper

Flower essences are a form of natural vibrational medicine that can create balance and healing opportunities for our whole being. With over 150 flower essences on hand, plus infusions I have crafted, a personalised remedy can be tailored to your individual needs.

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