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Welcome to Life Energy Balance

I see the work I do as a candle lighting the way to better health and living.
I believe we all hold this candle, only some are unlit and when awakened can illuminate us towards a more abundant life. 
I treasure all the modality techniques I use as they truly help you to become more healthy, happy and fulfilled in your potential in every aspect of your life.  
I believe that our world will be a better place when more people are having the benefits of having peak performances and personal bests in all of their activities.
Patricia has a Diploma in Kinesiology, Diploma in Reflexology and is a Reiki Master.
Peak performances and personal bests have been achieved for the past 20 years with Patricia using these modalities.
Patricia will help you to connect to the “Law of Attraction”, “The Power of Now”, and “The Secret”.

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Online meditation that is life transforming

We practice fitness for our body to have the Best well being, we are practicing fitness for our minds for the best wellbeing.

Come into being your best self by strengthening your subconscious mind.

You will have better focus, better self-esteem, and better productive life.

Join us on a journey to self-love, empowerment and success. We show you how to connect to the laws of attraction. Your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you focus on the most now will appear in your life in the future.

Patricia is a Professional Member of the Reflexology Association of Australia and has Completed Reiki I and II. She has also completed the College of Energy Medicine I, II and III, Psych-K Basic and Advanced, Diploma of Advanced Kiniesiology on Basics and Applications of Kinesiology.

Patricia will help you to connect to the “Law of Attraction” “The Power of Now” and “The Secret”

The potential for having these peak performances and personal bests is increased when the energies are balanced throughout using all the modalities I use as they have helped my clients and myself over the past 20 years.


The Wuxing Theory with Patricia Chambers

The Wuxing Five Element Theory is a traditional Chinese Theory used to explain a wide range of conditions and phenomenon from cosmic cycles to the interaction between internal organs, from the succession of political regimes to the properties of medicinal drugs.

According to the Wuxing Theory, imbalance and disease occur when our elements are out of balance. These elements are known as wood, earth, water, fire and metal.

Each of the natural elements are connected and depend on each other. Every living thing has these elements in them and in order to stay healthy, need to keep these elements in balance.

Patricia Chambers uses the teachings of the Wuxing Theory and the Five Elements within her work, bring about balance by balancing the Five Elements throughout our lives.


I had a treatment with Patricia and it was amazing. I was feeling a bit low with alot of tension in my body. And after the treatment I was felling balanced and standing visually taller and just felt amazing. Thanks so much for you balancing energies and connection. 😍 live love life!!! – Joshua Kelly

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